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Handmade - Vegan - Made in Germany


XAXX offers a portal into a special world of fragrances and more...

What options do I have as an XAXX partner?

Take a look at our presentation! (German)

Your benefits as an XAXX partner

  • Interesting bonus system
  • From the smallest entry-level package full partner benefits lifelong, only the bonus system is success-dependent.
  • Full entry from about 100 € possible!
  • No minimum sales and no compulsory purchases!
  • No hidden or running costs!
  • Anytime withdrawals from the e-wallet possible!
  • Money is i.d. Normally within 24 hours on your account ...
  • No prescribed sales strategy: You decide how and to what extent you are promoting XAXX.
  • Registration as customer or partner at XAXX is only possible via recommendation! This means that no customer recruited by them can simply log in to XAXX "past them", except through another sales partner.
  • Anyone who is once registered on you is INSETARABLE and LIFETIME "married" with your account!
  • Interesting product, positively staffed, with widespread popularity and huge crowd of buyers.
  • High quality with extremely favorable price / performance ratio Immediate release for all countries in which XAXX is distributed (currently all over Europe, Belarus and Canada). It does not matter which of these countries your customers or partners come from. Thus, a huge market!
  • Comprehensive support and help by a strong team without pressure to succeed!


A really interesting program that is worth a try at such a low initial investment in any case!

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