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Hand hygiene fluid

Hand hygiene fluid with glycerin, panthenol & camphor - according to WHO specifications


The hygiene fluid from XAXX® was created according to a basic WHO specification and upgraded with additional lipid-replenishing and skin-calming substances.

Active ingredients:

pure alcohol (ethanol, 96% VOL.)
Hydrogen peroxide (3%)
Demineralised water
Glycerin, purely vegetable


Put a splash in the palm of your hand and rub the fluid as if you were washing your hands.
The glycerin not only keeps your skin supple, but also ensures that substances such as alcohol cannot evaporate too quickly, but remain on the surface of the skin long enough to achieve the full effect.
Use the fluid if possible after every contact with someone else or if you eg. Have touched doorknobs, shopping carts or other things.

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Moreover, we do not in the entire production chain to any raw Help, and ingredients of animal origin. The perfumes of XAXX thus meet the standards vegetarian products.

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