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High-end products with a visible, fast effect plus lasting anti-aging effects.


For a demanding skin, with the aim to improve its elasticity and resilience, to reduce wrinkles and wrinkles, to achieve an even skin appearance, to improve the radiance and to make the skin appear fresher.

Important active substances:

Tripeptides - Copper complex It was developed to improve the elasticity of the skin, increase collagen and elastin synthesis and thus prevent and reduce wrinkles. The skin barrier is repaired, the skin becomes more elastic, further anti-inflammatory, antioxidant properties were determined.

Hexapeptide- 8 for the rapid visible mitigation of expression lines and lines, which are caused in particular by the contraction of the facial muscles, and make the skin appear firmer and padded.

The highly effective Octapeptid (Octapeptide-3) ensures a smoother, more even skin appearance with regular use. In addition, it is able to stem muscle contractions, allowing facial features to relax faster. Small wrinkles are reduced, the skin looks firmer and more youthful.

A soybean extract contains isolated proteins,Glycoproteine and Polysaccharide quite consistently counteract the premature stress and light-induced aging of the skin. It has been confirmed that the active substance extract has an influence on cell reactions and there is a significant increase in protein synthesis. This results in an improvement of the microrelief of the skin and furthermore an extraordinary anti-stress activity after UV radiation. An effective protective effect prevents DNA damage.

The active ingredient of cellulose derivatives, polymers and a microalgae (purple red alga) refines the microstructure of the skin. Fine lines and wrinkles on the face, on the eyes and forehead can be reduced, the skin roughness is reduced and dryness symptoms are significantly reduced, the skin becomes even, smoother and nourished.

Encapsulated retinol Contains a high concentration of Retinol, in the purest and most active form of Vitamin A. Through its carrier system (lecithin) it is transported into deeper skin layers, supports collagen synthesis and effectively counteracts wrinkling. In addition, this encapsulated retinol has an increased retinol stability and shows no skin irritation.

Various extracts of Aloe Vera Barbadensis, Aloe vera Barbadensis, Centella asiatica, licorice root extract


Use about 2-4 ml as needed. Apply the mask evenly and generously to the face, neck or décolleté and wash off with lukewarm water after approx. 15-20 minutes. You will notice noticeably firmer effects after approx. 2 minutes and also for a longer time Afterwards we feel this feeling. Afterwards we recommend the Moisture Booster of XAXX® with Hyaluronic Acids, Aloe Vera and Caviar Extracts.

Further application:
Partially lightly applied to the face (cleaned) and wait 5-10 minutes. Then apply to the refreshed face, care, or makeup. Attention: Avoid eye contact when applying the mask!


For a demanding skin, with the aim to improve its elasticity and resilience, to reduce wrinkles and wrinkles, to achieve an even skin appearance, to improve the radiance and to make the skin appear fresher.


Anti-aging gel with white active pearls and aloe vera beads

Exclusive product for demanding, mature skin. The regeneration process of the skin is promoted, the skin is protected against harmful environmental factors and skin functions, which are responsible for elasticity, vitality and firmness, are supported and improved

Active ingredients:

Japanese blood grass extracted from the root of the plant, grows in Asia and Australia, survives extremely salty and arid regions.It is rich in potassium and 3-dimethylsulfopropionale (DMSP). This compound provides a lasting hydration of the skin, with up to 24 hours of long-term effect. The epidermis is moisturized, and potassium ions and DMSP help maintain the cell's osmotic pressure.

Low- and high-molecular hyaluronic acids also provide optimum hydration. White lupine proteins enhance the synthesis of the skin's own lipids, cell metabolism, promote skin barrier regeneration and limit the loss of water in the skin. Caviar extract reactivates the skin's natural defenses, has moisture-binding properties , firming, elasticity-enhancing properties


In addition, the gel contains aloe vera extract in the green drug beads and white drug beads with the anti-pollution agent Biosaccharide Gum-1 as a polysaccharide matrix.

Information zu den weißen Pearls

Embedded in the pearl is a polysaccharide Matrixx.

It forms a barrier against various forms of harmful environmental influences

v Protection against UV damage
v Protection against fine dust, heavy metals
v Protection against chemical stimuli
v Protection against intracellular and extracellular damage

The goal is prevention

of oxidative stress (free radicals)
of inflammation, pigmentation, triggered by increasing urbanization
v an accelerated, premature aging of the skin


1. Ideal moisturizer after shaving

2. Generously applied after a sunburn, it relieves the pain, cools and moisturizes and aids in healing.

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What is XAXX ?

XAXX - Perfume of the intense kind ...


Experience sensuality, elegance, sportiness, maritime flair and the warm and sweet tones of the Orient in a new and very intense way. With XAXX as companions leave a lasting impression.
XAXX is the new perfume factory with that little extra 'Made in Germany'.

All perfumes of XAXX are handmade and not from mechanical, industrial mass production. Highest quality is our benchmark, which allows no room for compromise. Therefore we only accept the finest raw materials in our factory in order to offer a perfume experience at the Intense class.

Moreover, we do not in the entire production chain to any raw Help, and ingredients of animal origin. The perfumes of XAXX thus meet the standards vegetarian products.

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