CBD OIL + Astaxanthin & Vitamin K2

Without THC and without psychoactive substances - THC-FREE !!!

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CBD-Direkt from XAXX sets new standards

CBD oil of the highest quality

During extraction, the material is freed of all impurities in a technical process. The extract used is extracted from hemp and serves as the basis for this product. The CBD has the highest purity in the world and is manufactured according to the guidelines of DIN EN ISO 9001 and GMP. During production, the product is subjected to five different cleaning processes.



Astaxanthin is a carotenoid and provides in fruits and vegetables for the partly strong color and is currently the strongest, known antioxidant. It occurs in isolated fungi and bacteria, but is most commonly found in the plankton of the oceans. So it enters the food chain and For example, salmon is not only the red color in the flesh, but also the power to swim thousands of miles through seas and upriver.

The CBD oil in this product has a concentration of 5%. The CBD extract has the world's highest purity of 99.5%. The hemp oil contained comes from European, organic cultivation

  • Without genetic engineering
  • Without pesticides
  • Without insecticides
  • Without herbicides
  • Without THC and without psychoactive substances - THC-FREE !!!


CBD oil 5%, hemp seed oil, astaxanthin, vitamin K2


Our CBD DIRECT is of course VEGAN!

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